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André Spadini | MultiCloud | DBA

Oracle: Time Zone Oracle Database RAC

Oracle: Time Zone Oracle Database RAC

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How to change the Time Zone in Oracle Database Hosted in OCI with an Example (Doc ID 2459830.1 )

Verify the TZ value set in the database level using srvctl

[opc@dbora ~]$ sudo su - oracle  
[oracle@dbora ~]$ srvctl getenv database -d orcl_NOME_DA_INSTANCIA 




Changed the TZ value to desired Time Zone

 [oracle@dbora ~]$ srvctl setenv database -d orcl_NOME_DA_INSTANCIA -T "TZ=America/Sao_Paulo" 

[oracle@dbora ~]$ srvctl getenv database -d CCM_aaa34 

After making the changes, restart the cluster services

[opc@dbora ~]$ sudo su -  
[root@dbora ~]# cd /u01/app/ 
[root@dbora ~]# ./crsctl stop cluster 
[root@dbora ~]#  ./crsctl start cluster


[opc@dboraccm ~]$ sudo su - oracle 
[oracle@dboraccm ~]$ sqlplus system/passccmoracle@orclto 
SQL > select to_char(sysdate,'YYYY-MON-DD hh24:mi:ss') from dual;


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